Happy @ Work ~ Affirmation Meditations

Get meditation support being the leader of your work and life.

Amplify the clarity, confidence and courage you are developing via the Leadership and Career Essentials program and your Passion, Authenticity & Leadership @ WORKbook - with affirmation meditations that shift the core challenges we’ve seen people face including money and security fears. Each of the 12 audios you will receive corresponds to each of the learning modules in the program, and the chapters in the Passion, Authenticity & Leadership @ WORKbook.

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Karen Tax
Karen Tax

Karen Tax is a consultant and author who coaches people to discover their brilliance so they can be happy, influential, AND their authentic best at work. She specializes in creating results without sacrifice or compromise, where everyone wins, and workplaces where both meaning and profit matter.

Karen has a B.S. in Computer Science and a M.S. in Organization Development. She is the author of the Passion, Authenticity & Leadership @ Workbook and creator of the Define Your True Self and Leadership and Career Essentials online learning programs.

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