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Learn how to confidently ask for more knowing you're building meaning, capacity, and momentum to fuel sustainable growth.

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You know you need your people to do more for your business to grow, but they are already maxed out. Use IAMX Executive Coaching to learn how to confidently ask for more - knowing you're building meaning, capacity, and momentum to fuel sustainable growth.

Benefits of coaching:

  • Access untapped human capacity without increasing time and effort spent,
  • Generate growth without sacrificing personal or business integrity,
  • Create a thriving, creative, collaborative, connected, purpose driven culture.

Challenges I address:

  • Perfectionism that gets in the way of honest conversations and the right work getting done,
  • Turnover and simmering conflict that prevents you from being a destination employer,
  • Too many priorities that makes sheer force of will not enough to generate necessary profit.

We know how to end the downward spiral that happens when you over rely on force of will, especially in startups. Pushing to make things happen results in investing more and more time, energy, and resources - only to barely keep up let alone get ahead.

Sacrificing health, happiness and personal integrity is not an effective way to increase productivity.

My approach:

Your coach, Karen Tax, a computer scientist with a Masters in Organization Development, has engineered a practical and disciplined process, the IAMX Compass, that scales from individuals, to teams and organizations — that enables win/win solutions where everyone is brilliant — even as they're stretched.

Karen's combination of soft and hard skills provides a unique ability to guide executives to that elusive nexus of meaning and profit - where human potential and practical results are synergized and unleashed.

Clients share:

“Our Genius Culture initiative was too mission critical to be in the hands of a consultant. Karen helped us get through a transition in leadership to a place where people within our organization were fighting to sustain our Genius momentum. We are now more effectively handling challenges and in a period of profitable and stable growth – my goal for the business.”

~ Peter Frost, CEO ATW Companies

" I got better at communicating my top N priorities to others and inviting feedback if they thought I had them sorted in a way that they disagreed with. This was also terrific for reducing stress. Having done that, I was able to ask for help or beg off on some things that I wasn’t efficient at. This is also good for team-building—if we are helping each other out and focusing on our areas of strength, it has a positive sense of connectedness and community."

~ Rich Holloway, Senior Manager, Treatment Planning Systems at Accuray

“Before IAMX I was much more of a numbers guy. I knew I needed to grow as a leader, to develop people as leaders, to improve my interpersonal interactions. Working with Karen helped me shift my focus from only metrics to include what people want and why. Before I was aware that WHY is important but I was still too focused on how. Now I focus more on WHY and leave the how to my team, so the ownership and accountability of outcomes is theirs.”

~ Rob Hall, President Parmatech

How coaching works:

Entering into a coaching partnership involves a commitment to personal and professional growth.

Your coach’s responsibility is to structure and guide an exploration process that facilitates your individual objectives. Your responsibility is to do the work and implement personal commitments that we agree are appropriate to furthering your goals and objectives.

Therefore, we will ask that you come to your coaching sessions prepared to review your progress, discuss issues that have come up, and make maximum use of every session. Your coach is prepared to be 100% there for you; you will maximize the ROI of coaching by showing up 100% and expecting extraordinary results.

What’s included?

Coaching conversations with priority access to me, designed personally and perfectly for you:

  • 2+ hours per month: 4 thirty minute sessions or 2 sixty minute coaching sessions MINIMUM via phone, Zoom, or in-person.
  • Kick start meeting and working sessions: 1 day up-front kick start meeting, then as needed blocks of consulting for in-depth strategic planning or workshop development
  • Learning support and collaboration: virtual or onsite work with you for learning support and as needed, collaboration with your peers / human resources to ensure alignment with your organization – 4-6 hours
  • 6 month duration: for consistent reflection, learning, and strategic thinking
  • Ad-hoc support: via phone, text, Zoom, or email conversations as needed
  • Evaluation: either as meetings or as formal progress reports – because even executives need encouragement on how they’re making progress.

Resources are custom delivered to you, which includes everything you’ll need to be the kind of leader YOU want to be, deeply anchored in your healthy personal power.

You will receive what you need, as you needed it, only what you want and no more. Think of it as plug-and-play development.

What makes Karen unique?

I go farther than analysis, tactics, and assessments that keep you banging around in the status quo. I include tapping into the personal motivations and passions that are needed to get past roadblocks - so you can create the real change you want.

I guide you to tap into ALL of your intelligences so you can build greater discipline, capacity, and wholeness.

I honor both new and ancient wisdom. This connects you to your natural rhythms and the world around you, so you no longer have to rely solely on force of will.

I start all work by making sure you and your organization are ready to handle the increasing complexity and chaos of our times while bringing out the best in yourself and others.

Get started now!

Typical Goals

Over many years of working with executives, the following are topics often covered. Be sure you let your coach know which of these goals is relevant to you.

  • Make sure basics are strong: branding, marketing, sales cycles, operations, customer service
  • Reduce overwhelm, stress, and adrenaline so you run on clean energy
  • Transform confusion and hesitation into confident decision making
  • Manage your energy so you experience more than enough time for important things like your marriage and family
  • Prepare for a promotion or job change so you uplevel your career to more interesting work
  • Establish habits of reflection and learning so you stay on the leading edge
  • Balance strategic and tactical approaches both which are needed for growth
  • Transition from manager to leader to powerful leader so you don’t feel ambivalent about power and get things done where others churn
  • Get relief from the constant pressure to perform so you can experience ease
  • Implement sustainable growth strategies so your business thrives and endures
  • Create a quantum engine of awareness that's used to elevate every aspect of your business
  • Executive level 360 feedback as input for development; guidance on how to receive feedback
  • Organizational culture assessment and organization development planning
  • Mitigate consequences of risk taking so decisions aren’t so scary
  • Develop advanced communication skills so you master navigating challenges
  • Create an organizational or project culture of abundance instead of fear so innovation and creativity are unleashed
  • Maintain the connection between your head, heart, and soul so you move forward in ways that are good for all stakeholders
  • Reduce costs so you can increase profits/results
  • Remember fun and pleasure as a part of work

Frequently Asked Questions

When does coaching start and finish?
Coaching starts with an agreed upon scope of work (SOW). Our minimum engagement is 6 months, and can extend to SOW completion.
What courses and information will I have access to?
You will have lifetime access to all foundational IAMX resources and courses. With busy executives we've found that information is best delivered only as needed.

Your Coach

Karen Tax
Karen Tax

Karen Tax is a consultant and author who coaches people to discover their brilliance so they can be happy, influential, AND their authentic best at work. She specializes in creating results without sacrifice or compromise, where everyone wins, and workplaces where both meaning and profit matter.

Karen has a B.S. in Computer Science and a M.S. in Organization Development. She is the author of the Passion, Authenticity & Leadership @ Workbook and creator of the Define Your True Self and Leadership and Career Essentials online learning programs.

Courses Included with Purchase

Define Your True Self - Self Directed
Get control of your current stressful situation, get centered, and prepared to be the real you who can influence the culture and systems around you.
Karen Tax

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